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Thetahealing elective the body sings

A weekend practice of the heart song with narayan

The Body sings in Milan, Italy:

6-7 April register

The body sings in Schwyz, Switzerland:

18-19 May register

The body sings in Berlin,Germany:

28-29 September register

Private one on one session:
ThetaHealing. Heart Song.
Sound &Mantra Healing.
Single sessions & Coaching program
Who am I?
Hi, my name is Ron Paz (Narayan Jyoti) Ron or Narayan for short. In my professional life I am searching for a balance in the body mind spirit connection. I believe that it is in that balance that the best answers are found. I do that through one on one healing sessions, through workshops, courses and with my music.

I was brought up in Israel and in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, a worldwide yoga organization, which opened me early on to my spiritual path of finding unity in the endless diversity of our lives. I live with my life partner and our little baby dog.

picture by @pajuramaphotography
Rise with Narayan

Join daily online musical meditation. Create a habit of daily meditation, vitalizing and recharging your body & mind, learning a way of reaching your heart's desire.

Join live or practice on your own with the recordings and create a habit of daily meditation for yourself.

Rise daily session run: Monday - Friday 7:30am CET
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Narayan (Ron Paz)
Adney Paz 44, Ein Hayam,
Hadera- West, Israel

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