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"In my music i ask for healing ... No matter where i sing, it's always to heal the heart, mine and those who listen. That's the only reason why music remains the longest 'constant' in my life. It's my prayer, it's my deepest emotion, it is how i reach silence inside my mind and heart."
Sacred Chants of many traditions
In all traditions there are songs that praise and worship. They all are touched by the same simple faith in something greater, i call it love. I am influenced by Indian music, old jewish melodies, African rhythm and wherever i find the heart.

"Kirtan melts the heart, calms the mind and generates harmony & divine love." Swami Sivananda

"My spiritual practice since age 10 has been chanting mantras. It is one of few practices within the Bhakti Yoga path, the path of devotion, I find very soothing for the mind and comforting to the heart." Narayan

Narayan Jyoti Kirtan Night
| Sri Ram Jaya Ram | Sivananda yoga Tel Aviv
Narayan with Unite in Babylon
Ruah (spirit)

Unite in Babylon

"In the centre of Tel Aviv for 10 years now, a group of musicians gather during the sunny months to celebrate love and healing though music, in the heart of the city. I love joining this circle every year and organizing the sequence of the songs. This is a volunteer based work which I give thanks for."

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Rise from the Depth עלי רוחי- ממעמקי ים


A musical ensemble of men performing an ecstatic devotional song which is close to hearts and the divine awakening in man.

It is on the basis of my Indian musical orientation that i fell in love with this style of prayer. The group is a place for different accomplished musicians to come together and give praise. I'v had the joy of co-leading it for the past 8 years with my dear friend Yaron Peer

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