Rise beyond fear and doubt

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Rise beyond fear and doubt. A 5 point guide to utilizing your daily activities for the purpose of self care and mental health. 10 hours of teachings and practices.
Do you feel like sometimes you just don't know how to stop for a minute and relax? Or do you feel, that you just have no power to move forward? Do you have a spiritual practice that you are having difficulty to follow?

Are you worried about what is happening in the world?

Rise beyond fear and doubt is a laboratory of introspection and mindfulness. Using yoga principles for a Balanced life, Energy healing & Meditation to infuse your day and sacred music to heal the heart and soul.

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  • Catherine Morante
    "I have really enjoyed being a part of the Rise Beyond Fear And Doubt program and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to connect with themselves, broaden their perspective on different subjects, and expand their light. You will have powerful tools that are easy to apply to your everyday life and learning from Narayan, as well as experiencing his music, is simply amazing. He holds a beautiful and trusting space for this process to happen and I felt loved, cared for and guided all the way." , Peru
  • Andrea Anthony
    "Narayan, During these days I have learnt a lot of wonderful things. Thank you. I love your voice and his magic power. I would like to say that during these 5 days I have learnt how to treat myself and that I can do it in gentle loving and kind way. I can do it with patience and give me some or a lot of time to practice it. It is/was something I felt but never practiced with myself on this level.. I was being gentle to others as a healer/person but very hard towards myself and with no patience. So I hope I found that forgotten creative part within me that one connected to God/love That space in my heart where I feel safe, where I can play, laugh, smile, where I am loved and cherished. I am very grateful to you, all of us in a group, to Creator. Thank you Creator." Andrea Anthony, Slovakia
  • Gaya Rozensweig
    Rise Beyond Fear And Doubt magical 5 day journey plan. Breathe, feel the body release stress with meditations in a safe space with friends from all over the world. This course is a spa for soul and body. It helped me a lot to balance between body and emotion and find focus within me. A powerful and pleasant experience. Narayan really inspired!
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